Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi, born in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma, Italy), January 20, 1950, home in Sant’Ilario d’Enza (Reggio Emilia, Italy), via XXV Aprile Ovest n. 2, in the office where I work. I have five children: Tristano (1969), Valerio (1972), Francesca (1982), Andrea (1992) and Ramah (2005).

[1] I’m a well-informed. In thirty years I have promoted various economic initiatives both in Italy and abroad for two reasons: to demonstrate the ability to manage the business without having the sole purpose of profit and workers can participate in the management, risks and results of enterprises ; have financial resources to social initiatives and policies that provide no economic return without being influenced by any power.

[2] Because of these stated objectives and have never accepted compromises, I’m opposed, to the truth only in Italy, by various state institutions and the press. I have never committed a crime. However, I faced many processes and as well as many acquittals I have suffered several miscarriages of justice, even according to opinions of teachers of renown, will eventually be recognized. The last one is for facts considered committed in 1988. Later, I was always acquitted.

[3] I have provided for decades the situation we find ourselves in Italy and around the world and have proposed solutions and tools to avoid it; now, we are in a situation of almost irreversible hysteresis with costs that few can imagine. A provoked situation.

[4] I think it is still possible to avoid the worst tackling the most urgent problems quickly begin to redistribute wealth in equity and changing the hierarchical structure of our system.

[5] I think, at least thirty ‘years, you can afford to feel good without doing evil who is sick who is better: I will not impoverish anyone, but groped likely to prevent the annihilation of all.

[6] One of the first things to do is leave the real economy, which should serve to satisfy needs, from the constraints of finance and the virtual currency.

[7] The solutions that I propose can allow humanity to escape from pre-history and begin a new era of social justice, lasting peace, real democracy , end the exploitation of work, maximum responsibility and greater freedom for all, bringing the same time the environmental conditions at a sustainable level.

[8] These solutions address the following issues: energy, water, food, health, culture, information, production , political organization and finance. Since all problems can be solved only through fundamental rules and global initiatives. With this in mind, the ideas were born in the Republic of the Earth as universal republic with a world parliament directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet as a global currency and Dhana to be assigned work in equal parts. To prepare for the introduction of Dhana, is running EkaBank, Loans on the confidence, without guarantees, without interest and without costs. All this stems from Péntakos, written in 1990 and published at the end of 1991.

[9] The humanity, for its history and its culture, despite flaws and limitations, may initiate a new process and trigger a real universal change.

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